Prosperity Consciousness Consultation

Jennipher Mac 14th March 2023
Perth Hypnotherapist Prosperity
It is important to remember in these interesting times that money and abundance can seem to be externally driven, but in fact, the reverse is true, your Prosperity Consciousness comes from the internal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that you have created in your life to date.... Read More


Jennipher Mac 14th March 2023
Dancing your way to your joy
Find your joy.Sometimes out of hard situations, good things come. Six years ago, I was working in a clinic I loved, using Hypnotherapy and my NLP Coaching skills I was in joy, assisting clients to feel empowered losing weight, quitting smoking or other addictions, feeling mor... Read More


Jennipher Mac 14th March 2023
What can I say, dance is my happy place, all sorts of dance: Ecstatic dance, Improvised practice, soul motion, and creating choreography for my dancers. My body likes to move with other dancers. What moves your body to movement?I love the rhythm of my music, what is your favourite m... Read More


Jennipher Mac 14th March 2023
Perth Hypnotherapist self responsibility surger
Hello from Perth Hypnotherapist & Mental Fitness Coaching. The foundation of our work here is that we are creation. We are creating our lives with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We are creating our reality whether we are awar... Read More

Finding purpose

Jennipher Mac 14th March 2023
Perth Hypnotherapist, choreographer with purpose
Here at Perth Hypnotherapist, we feel that purpose gives us energy, insight, and meaning in our daily lives. Living without purpose can be draining. When you work in a job that does not inspire you every day, this can lead to feeling drained and dissatisfied. Eventually, you will get burnt... Read More