Women's Choreography 6-week Workshop

Women's Choreography Workshop

Women's Movement and Choreography 6-week Workshop

Mondays 16th October - 27th November 2023

4-6 pm

Full Price $240

EarlyBird (if paid by 9th October) $195

Concession $170

Perth Waldorf School, 14 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake WA, 6163 Theatre Games will be used for the warm-ups in these workshops. Theatre Games are embodied, playful, fun, relaxing, and nurturing building trust in the body and in the group. Theatre games open communication and stimulate collective creativity.

Theatre games, image-making, storytelling, improvisation, and playmaking open up new resources in our relationships.  The movement section of the workshop will involve shapes and gestures from the participants as well as choreographic tools that I have collected attending choreographic training over the past 5 years. Participants will collaborate with the group towards a performance within our group at the end of 6 weeks. 

Participants need to have lived experience of Family & Domestic Violence and have moved out of it by at least 3 years.

With Theatre for Living Facilitator Jennipher McDonald

This workshop is for women who have experienced past trauma, emotional, physical, mental, or financial, and who want to use their body to write a new story, to be witness in the group - a story of wholeness.

This work will involve seeing with fresh eyes, sensing from the field, and operating from the whole: linking the head, heart, and mind, and having a vision and intention for the future.

If you have any questions email Jennipher. awaken@openaccess.com.au

Perth Waldorf School 14 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake WA 6163

• What to bring

Wear comfortable clothes, a water bottle, snack.

• Important to know

Theatre games, Movement, and making shapes with our bodies to tell our stories are connecting, collaborating, funny, stress relief, community, enriching, enlightening

Limited spaces. All are welcome, no acting or movement experience is required. For more information about this workshop, please  email awaken@openaccess.com.au

Jennipher Mac B. A (Hons), Ph.D. Candidate at Curtin University using social justice Theatre facilitation to transform the trauma of Family and Domestic Violence into wholeness, creativity, and self-esteem. Initially, she trained in Breathwork in 1989. She is an NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Mental Fitness Coach. Jennipher is the author of "Reclaiming Trust, a mother, and grandmother who loves to dance. 

Email: awaken@openaccess.com.au

Previous feedback

“I love the freedom and simplicity of this process. Afterward, I feel more embodied, slower, and softer gestures gave me a sense of ease, liberation, connection, and presence with heart. Developing a capacity to use body posture to reframe negative holding."

“It’s been a real privilege to partake in the group. I love the creativity and how you can transform in ways that can’t necessarily be intellectualised or understood in a linear way."

 "The gentle process of integration, body as a language with movement and intent respecting innate wisdom trusting body flow as a way of self-creation"