Chronic fatigue symptoms

Chronic Fatigue symptoms are fatigue and tiredness that is not helped by a night’s sleep, poor concentration, loss of memory, insomnia, muscle pain, frequent headaches, multijoint pain without swelling or redness, sometimes tender neck and armpit lymph nodes and sore throat. Often these many conditions can cause confusion and in many of these instances a common added complication is stress. Chronic fatigue symptoms can be very stressful and also stressful to  worry about financial issues when a persons health is failing. It can be very stressful not be able to do the things that a person needs and  want to do.  Besides the symptoms of any dis-ease the stress on the body of having an illness or injury and the emotional stress or shock from any diagnosis in and of itself can be a huge shock, so that the stress comes in different forms and can be multi-layered
Stress in any form puts tension on the body. Whether it is worry about financial issues, the stress of the symptoms, worry and fear about future events, Stress is not a helpful factor. Optimum healing occurs when the body is relaxed. Stress and anxiety trigger the brain (the  amygdala) that lets us know to respond to danger for survival by  fight, flee, fawn or freeze. The body and the mind are part of the same system.  We now know that the stomach is affected by stress, digestion is affected by stress Effectively digestion and healing is put on hold while the body deals with the situation.  When a person has constant pain or illness this is stressful and the  brain does tell the difference between an imaginary worry and the real life threatening event.
Bessel Van der kolk MD has been instrumental in recognising Post Traumatic Symptoms Disorder (PTSD) and worked for many years with trauma victims and suggests that we need to find new ways to treat stresses and some of the suggestions in his book “the body keeps the score,” are mindfulness, relaxation,  an creative activities such as yoga, singing, dance, eye movement to name a few.  Hypnotherapy teaches the body how to relax, how to use the imagination to re-member past health and imagine future health. Hypnotherapy can be used to re-direct the mind in the direction you wish it to move. In a Hypnotherapy session you can align inner resources and intended outcomes.
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