Domestic Violence & Hypnotherapy in Perth

In Australia, domestic or family violence is a most common form of violence against women and in Australia this year, 2016, two women are killed on average per week, every three hours one woman is hospitalised and police in Australia receive over 500 calls per day for help. In 2009 violence against women and their children cost the Australian economy $13.6 billion and it is calculated to rise to $15.6 Billion by 2012-22 without the right preventive action.  In this month September 2016 so far this year 53 women have been killed. (The National Council Of Family Violence 2016).

The Australian Government has initiated a educational website that says, “start a conversation about respect,”  and respect grows through minding our language and the ne adverts show young boys behaving badly towards young girls, “boys will be boys” and “he must like you” is not acceptable language to protect girls. The process of beginning to educate children so that this new learning evolves and will effect their relationships when they grow up.(

Early in 2016 The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews asked Fiona Richardson MP to be Australia’s first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, he had no idea of her troubled family history. Ms Richardson said on Australian Story in March 2016 that she and her two brothers were born in Tanzania and they endured family Violence along with their mother Veronica Power for many years and that abuse left enduring scars.  Ms Richardson admits her personal story is now informing her in her approach to family law cases.

Creative Rite Solution’s Manager Jennipher McDonald shows women who have experienced trauma in their relationships and are struggling with loss of confidence, financial loss, love pain, self doubt, confusion and fear,  how to rise from the ashes of their past and find renewed passion, confidence and grace.  Jennipher has been working with women for over 25 years, she is a  Certified Rebirther and Breathworker,  a clinical member of Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association and trained both in Australia and Internationally in Neuro linguistic Programming Coach and Trainer.

Jennipher’s book ‘Reclaiming Trust’  is a reverse engineering of domestic violence and trauma to find Trust. Reclaiming trust uses creative writing, storytelling and linguistics to show how disassociating from the old stories is a powerful healing tool.  Jennipher has guided the reader to ponder questions about TRUST and wander about their own levels of Trust. Pondering levels of trust, leads the reader to access Trust inside as a renewed resource. Jennipher is passionate about being of service to women, taking her own life experience, her studies and  research to make a contribution to the world. Also towards conflict resolution and learning skills to have peaceful relationships where you can feel empowered,  Jennipher teaches Dr Richard Bolstad’s NLP Certificate Course Transforming Communication, a 4-day course regularly in Perth that allows the learner to have assertive skills to improve communication and clarity in relationship and use skills that consistently allow better relationships. You can call to book your place in the next training in Applecross Perth November 19,26th and December 3rd and 17th. Phone 0403 173 790