Gary Craig’s Tapping is a simple and effective mental health technique that is little bit like acupressure or acupuncture without the needles. You can learn it in a matter of minutes and use it to apply instant relief to stressful situations in your life. That is Mindful acupressure for Emotional Freedom and Mental Health.

Most people find immediate relief from applying this simple Tapping to the most stressful feelings in their present situation. Continued application can then produce profound changes in your life. Sometimes the power of EFT is better to be taught and experienced in a private session where you can allow yourself to be guided through the process  – You can call Creative Rite Solutions and book your private session now on 0403 173 790

EFT TAPPING SEQUENCE Think about the problem:
Find the right statement:
Give the problem state a score out of Ten:
Tap the sequence and tap the problem away:Whenever you feel at the affect of an emotional state. Assign a number to your feelings, based on an intensity scale of zero to ten, (10 being the highest.)
Choose a short reminder phrase…

E.g, “Even though I feel anxious about getting on this plane” or “Even though I feel anxious about this public speaking event”
Even though I… (say your issue or feeling) I deeply and completely accept myself”. Say this 3 times with emphasis and gusto!!!
Repeatedly tapping on the Karate chop point whilst saying aloud your setup. Begin the tapping sequence, tap several times on each␣ point whilst repeating a smaller reminder phrase once per point. Shortened phrase: I feel anxious.


Begin with the inner edge of the eyebrow, followed by:

Side of eye
Under the eye
Under the nose
Chin point……. Just below bottom lip
Collar bone point
Under the arm

You can also tap: Nail bed on edge of thumb, followed by Nail bed on index finger Nail bed on middle finger Nail bed on little finger Karate chop point.

If for some reason, the tapping sequence doesn’t change the emotional state too much go on to apply ‘the 9 Gamut’ procedure, and then repeat the above full sequence ending with the karate chop point as above
If for some reason, the tapping sequence doesn’t change the emotional state too much go on to apply ‘the 9 Gamut’ procedure, and then repeat the above full sequence ending with the karate chop point as above

Locate the Gamut spot, this is on the back of the hand, between the knuckles of the ring finger and the little finger … Aprox 2 cm from the  knuckles of the two fingers.
Begin continuously tapping on the Gamut spot whilst:
keeping the head looking straight ahead, move your eyes hard down to the right
keeping the head looking straight ahead, move your eyes hard down to the left
Close your eyes
Open your eyes
Without moving your head, roll your eyes right around as if you were looking at the numbers on a giant clock face… Do this in a anti-clockwise rotation
Hum aloud the first line of “Happy Birthday” (or some other tune of your choice)
Count from one to five aloud
Once again, hum aloud the first line of the Happy Birthday tune (or some other tune of your choice)

Having done the 9 Gamut sequence, check your intensity level and if necessary repeat the instructions on the previous page. This can be thought of as a sandwich: Basic procedure / 9 Gamut / basic procedure Mopping up Gamut procedure Finally, if your intensity is almost near to zero, Try tapping the Gamut spot repeatedly, without moving your head from looking straight forward, look down with your eyes and slowly roll them upwards until you are looking up as high as you can. This should take several seconds, do not rush it.

I have used on myself, my family and taught EFT for the past fifteen years. The reason for that is – IT WORKS!

EFT is a simple technique giving the user the ability to make significant emotional changes without being dragged through the upheaval that can often accompany emotional healing. I have used EFT on clients to release trauma from specific traumatic events, release anxiety, depression and addictions. EFT is safe and has no negative side effects. I have used EFT to change my terror of public speaking to become enjoyment of speaking and performing in public. I have used EFT effectively with my clients and my family with miraculous results in many different areas. The most important and significant reason is that it releases emotional blockages quickly.

This tapping balances the energy meridians, or channels, that become disrupted when you think about, or experience, an emotionally disturbing circumstance. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved – the emotional charge is gone. Typically the result is lasting. Not only do you feel better afterwards, you are also able to think about the issue more clearly. EFT can provide rapid relief from emotional problems including phobias, PTSD, hurt, anger, sadness, guilt as well as many cases of physical pain.

The technique is very simple, safe and gentle and takes only a few minutes. I use EFT in conjunction with NLP and hypnosis and find that the combination is very useful regardless of the issues we are addressing. These are just some of the areas I have helped people with: Sports performance, Self esteem, Relaxation, Habits and addiction – smoking, nail biting, Health problems – asthma, chronic illness, Anger and stress resolution, Creative genius, Spiritual development, Goal clarification and implementation, Personal development, Relationships, Studying – motivation, Sexual difficulties, sexual abuse – memory and resolution, Sleeping disorders, Anxiety, Phobias, Relationship breakups, Lack of motivation, and more! EFT is so effective because it has the ability to move and dissolve emotion quickly. Unlocking it from the parts of the body and unconscious where it seems to sit.

Things to Check If Emotional Freedom Technique Is Not Working
Sometimes, you may not get the results you hoped for or expected from the Emotional Freedom Technique of energy therapy. If an EFT session is not bringing the relief you’d hoped for, try the following:

Check that you’re following sequence properly.

Drink water.
Consider whether something else is hiding away that needs to be addressed.
Be patient.
Be persistent.