Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes changes in behaviour fun and effortless.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes changes in behaviour easily! NLP is hundreds of processes that improve behaviour.

For example, there is a process for improving spelling. As a result, spelling improves by 67%. A process for changing likes to dislikes.  As a result, a person likes lettuce instead of chocolate. A process for increasing motivation.  As a result, a person does what they say they will do. Therefore, the list goes on. You can even make up your own processes to model something you do well to share with others.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the process of how a person uses their language and behaviour to get the life they are living.

Language can be used to impact people’s lives in positive or negative ways because words are powerful. That’s the words that you use for with yourself and others.

Some people cope creatively and effectively and perceive a wide range of options open to them in any given situation. Others, experience themselves with few options, none of which are attractive to them.

The world is not limited, but some people block themselves from seeing possibilities because of their limiting internal thoughts and beliefs.

NLP is a way of noticing what is present and accessing processes of change.

A funny story:

I read a funny story in  Robert Dilts’ book “Sleight of Mouth”,

A police officer receives an urgent summons to a local residence to handle a reported incident of domestic violence. The officer is on alert because she knows that it is in these types of situations that she is actually in the most physical danger. People, especially violent, angry people, don’t want the police interfering in their family affairs.

As she approached the apartment, the police officer hears shouting and screaming coming from inside. A man is yelling loudly, and the office hears the sound of various objects being broken along with terrified screams of a woman.

Suddenly, a TV comes crashing through the front window, smashing into pieces on the ground in front of her. The police officer rushes to the door. He begins to pound on it as hard as she can.

She hears an enraged male voice from inside the apartment shouting, “Who the hell is that?”

Eyeing the pieces of the mangled TV spread over the ground the police officer blurts out, “TV repairman”

There is a moment of dead silence inside the apartment. Finally, the man breaks out in laughter. He opens the door.  The police officer can make her intervention, avoiding further conflict.

Using the best words in any given situation is powerful. Language awareness is a tool for you to move your life forward. The way you use language affects every communication. Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes changes fun.  I personally have made many wonderful changes in my own life using NLP processes.  I am passionate about sharing these brilliant processes with you.

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