NLP Coaching can design your life

You can design your mind and design your life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is the study of excellence. Coaching with NLP can design your life because it is a trail of techniques to change old thinking patterns.  When you go to an NLP coach it is not because something is wrong with you.  In fact, your body and mind are working perfectly. In a similar way how an athlete might receive coaching to enhance performance. An NLP coach can show you how to take what you are doing well and make it even better.

As I reflect back over my life- my relationship with coaching goes back a long way.

The Coaches in my life:

Firstly, I went to little athletics when I five years old and I had a coach who showed me how to move my body, how to move my body to win races.

Secondly, in primary school, in the western suburbs of Sydney, I was known as the fastest runner in my school. I loved running. As a result, I broke an Australian record when I was ten years old. Ultimately this coach showed me how to improve my times.

Thirdly, the high jump was my favourite and I had a high jump coach, her name was Sister Bernadette. She showed me a better technique of approach to the bar. She was my favourite teacher. I loved her. She was my friend, she made me laugh and she encouraged me.

In addition, when I was thirteen I had a netball coach when I was twelve. My coach also coached the under 14’s boy’s rugby league team. He made our netball team run four laps of the football field, just like the boys,  before the practice session could begin. We won the competition that year and the next year as well.  And I was chosen to play state netball. He helped me be a better athlete.

Every year, I ran for the state championships until I left home at 15 years. I ran barefoot. I know that my Coach was outstanding because even without shoes I was still competitive.

Importantly, I have had coaching sessions again over the past five years to help me achieve specific training and learning goals in my career. Consequently, I have travelled internationally to study and met large financial goals easily. Likewise, I have also used NLP Coaching to achieve health goals successfully.

NLP Coaching can design your life:

You can exceed your expectations when you find your NLP Coach. An NLP coach is like a caring friend.  They will ask you what you want?

Designing your mind, together with your NLP coach who is trained to notice you. Ideal strategies specifically to assist you to design your ideal life circumstances. The unconscious mind (your genius mind) can then go about creating them for you: While you eat your breakfast, while you sleep.

Jennipher practices from the Coach and Chiropractor:

The coach and the chiropractor

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Dear Jennipher,  I would like to express my gratitude for your knowledge and training which has assisted me with my transformation.  I feel like an issue I have spent many years working on, has shifted and enabled me to move forward lighter and more empowered. I feel fantastic!  I look forward to an unlimited future and feel supported in the knowledge that I can access your professional assistance to continue to remove any obstacles in moving towards my goals.  Fantastic! Thank you.

Kind regards,

Karen Easter,

What an amazing and sublime experience today. I felt safe and loved in your presence. All of the NLP modalities implemented today have allowed me to relax and feel the presene of connecting to source or (God) as we know it. I am in a divine space.

Namaste, Shannon, Your Content Goes Here

When you set goals, surprisingly, they can happen!

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