Your body, mind and the environment are a living system. Anxiety and worry are debilitating thoughts and feelings running in your mind. Anxious feelings get in the way wholesome living.

Through intentional attention, changes occur.  How you are being you: listening to your thoughts, noticing your feelings and letting them go. You can replace those old anxious thoughts with the calm suggestions in the hypnosis sound recording. You can change your anxious feelings into calm.


Your unconscious mind is your servant. That automatic clever part of your mind runs your breathing, your heartbeat and all of you and takes these new suggestions so that you let go of anxious thoughts and feelings, and run calm instead.

Making choices that are for your highest good are easier when you are calm. When you are calm you make better choices.

Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Anxiety:

Over the past few years, mindfulness has become integrated into many programs for pain, anxiety management and stress reduction. As a treatment tool looking after your mind and your body, you cannot go past hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is the ultimate mindfulness tool. Hypnotherapy is the ultimate tool for letting go of anxiety because it causes relaxation. The opposite of anxiety is being joyfully present in the moment.


There are no negative side effects to using hypnotherapy. Clearing anxious feelings with hypnotherapy bring well-being therefore, there are also positive side effects.

Perth hypnotherapist, Jennipher McDonald:

“The beauty of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching is that you are moving forward and focusing on what you want. Talk therapy and psychology practices ask you to talk about the problem and therefore,  you are focusing and moving towards getting more of what you do not want”.


Mind your mind

You have a conscious mind, subconscious or unconscious mind and a superconscious mind or higher self. We are all spiritual beings having an embodied experience.

Mindfulness has been around for 2,500 years as part of many spiritual practices. Hypnotherapy, like mindfulness, can connect into the very essence of the emotional mastery of any spiritual practice because it is natural relaxation.


Align your conscious, subconscious and superconscious selves so that you feel connected to calm confidence. Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching at the Coach and Chiropractor.

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