A complementary, natural therapy to support your birthing team.
Your body has instinctive natural wisdom especially during pregnancy and birth.

Deeply relax during the birthing process and access your bodies’ birthing wisdom.

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Hypnobirthing access your body’s natural wisdom. Hypnobirthing is a process of listening to  these positive suggestions about the state of mind that you want to have in the birth process. Birthing is a completely natural process that the female body instinctively goes through and has done since the beginning of time. This Hypnobirthing sound recording reframes language and the words used to speak about the birthing process assist to create feelings of calm and confidence in the birthing process. Hypnobirthing combines powerful suggestions and deep relaxing tones and sounds to achieve the best focus and intentions around your birthing experience.


Jennipher McDonald is an Internationally trained Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach (IANLP) and Hypnotherapist (PHA) and Breathworker. She is currently a PhD Candidate at Curtin University and Facilitator of Theatre for Living. She is the mother of three grown children.

Jennipher has experienced three natural births herself. This Hypnobirthing sound recording is a combination of her lived experience as a mother with her clinical hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching experience over the past 30 years to create this wonderful sound recording.

When your reframe your language around birth you find a powerful ways to take control of the birthing experience for mothers. You can listen to these powerful suggestions and reframing of language around birth in the safety of your own home.

You can listen to these powerful hypnobirthing suggestions during your pregnancy so that when the time comes for the birthing process these powerful suggestions will be working automatically so that you can relax before, during and after waves of energy that are part of the birthing process and maintain a comfortable and calm state of mind. When you remain relaxed during the process the birth occurs easily and without the constrictions that can come from having a fearful state of mind.

Please do not listen to these sounds while driving or operating machinery. Only listen to these sounds when you are in a safe and comfortable place, preferably when you will not be disturbed and can relax fully.



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