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Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching Programs.

NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy programs can create deep and lasting positive changes. One single Hypnotherapy session can be an empowering experience and make a big difference to your self-understanding.  Furthermore, you can make the changes ever better by ongoing listening to an MP4. When you listen to Perth Hypnotherapist’s sound recordings in the comfort of your own home you support the changes.

For instance when you combine listening to our MP4’s together with a Hypnotherapy program you to get the most exclusive and comprehensive mind-body re-programming program available. Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching Programs are  wonderful because they are completely safe, enjoyable and empowering.

Perth Hypnotherapist Jennipher McDonald B.A(Hons) has been practicing Natural Therapies for over 30 years. She is a Breath worker, as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer and Coach. Jennipher writes her own programs. She will design your specific program for your highest good. Setting goals gives your unconscious mind sensory instructions and specific direction so that you rapidly get all of the changes that you want.

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Therefore, combining private sessions with at home listening allows you to Integrate changes seamlessly into your life. Then, you have the calm, confidence to enjoy the new you that you have designed.

Accordingly, creating new behaviours requires deep trance and repetition! Three to six sessions is the ideal number of sessions to really get the most comprehensive hypnotherapy experience. Life Coaching can be a lifestyle change. Many clients initially make the desired changes and keep coming back once their initial goals have been accomplished. Making new goals, and setting the mind towards those goals with Perth Hypnotherapist sessions. Think about how often you repeat habits that you may not like, such as smoking or drinking. As a result: repetition creates the habit and repetition creates new habits and new behaviours.


Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching is a way to design you mind, and design your life.


*Stop an addiction.

*Clear specific traumas.

*Clear Anxiety and Depression.

*Lose Weight.

*Quit smoking.

*Clear a phobia.

*Have Confidence.

*Design a creative goal and achieve it.

Perth Hypnotherapist and NLP Coaching can help you. Online 90-minute sessions available via Skype.

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Perth Hypnotherapist works at the In Touch Wellness Centre

18 Holdsworth Street, Fremantle WA 6160


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