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Theatre Games Workshops are fun and playful. Importantly, theatre games create  collaboration and community building.

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Theatre Games Workshops

Theatre Games empowers community because as a group we play and share our stories. Storytelling is an old fashioned fun way for people to gather and learn together. Story telling and enacting community stories through theatre so that we give even more value to this wonderful work. These workshops come from the work of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), a social justice theatre that sprung from the oppression of dictatorship government in Sao Paulo Brazil. The founder of TO, Augusto Boal developed a series of imaginative theatre exercises which promote awareness. In our Theatre Games  we draw upon the work of Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Living. As a result, we can see our social situation, its limitations, individual attitudes and even how our bodies that are bound by traditions and cultures. Theatre Games workshops turn our collective stories into theatre.

Actors and Non-Actors

Theatre Games workshops are everyday theatre for actors and non-actors, therefore, this work is for anyone who wants to enjoy building a community while they improve their acting abilities. The exercises and games while fun and playful, strengthen the psyche and feed the soul. Firstly, theatre games access our senses and our creative mind. Secondly, we use our bodies to make shapes, gestures, sounds and movements.  And finally, we witness our stories together in ways that surprise and delight.
They open new ways of sensing each other and feelings about ourselves. And as a result,  they dissolve stress and we feel safety in the ensemble. We can share our stories, our lives and our place in the community. This work is inspiring to actors and non-actors, artists, community leaders, teachers and anyone who wants to find new resources inside themselves and their group. Above all, Theatre for Living (David Diamond) takes Theatre of the Oppressed to a new level in the art and science of community-based dialogue.

What people are saying:

Theatre for Living workshops create a place of safety and acceptance in a group experience of acting and acting out ( not just thinking or talking about it). Situations in my life or one of the others are represented by images. Language is taken out of it. An experienced Facilitator/Joker helps to empower me to make and step toward change to what I want in that situation in my life. WOW!“.
 Jack 2020
“I love laughing. I laugh a lot with this beautiful group of people!”
Jenn 2020
Theatre Games workshops make real thoughts, feelings, and STORIES in a creative way. In addition, the use of metaphor and choosing other bodies like clay to sculpt a picture allows me to see and experience visually my own dilemma and reframe in a way I haven’t thought of before”.
Annah 2020

Time: Sundays: 8th August, 12th September, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th 2021 at 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

For more information call:

Jennipher McDonald

Theatre for Living Facilitator

0403 173 790



North Fremantle Community Hall:,+North+Fremantle+WA+6159/@-32.0339294,115.7523295,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x2a32a159aac897d9:0xc916d20643b3ed70!8m2!3d-32.0339294!4d115.7545182

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