Best Perth Hypnotherapist for Quit smoking l You can stop!

Quit smoking and Hypnotherapy – Perth Hypnotherapist helps people who have the habit of smoking and feel that it has control of them change at an unconscious automatic level so that they can feel free of those cravings and financially free of that expensive habit.  I remember being a smoker myself over 25 years ago –  ignoring the facts about my health and focusing my attention instead on the social benefits that I perceived at the time as a smoker. Many of my friends smoked.

Smoking  seemed to be so many things: a conversation opener, a social sharing, an anxiety or stress helper, an anger manager, a relaxer  and even though many times I felt bad about the habit of smoking, I could not imagine how I could live without it. Although I considered myself a smart person at the time I was willing to forsake my health for this habit of smoking.

One day a friend of mine, who was an NLP Coach and a Hypnotherapist gave me a hypnosis session which felt like a short enjoyable relaxation where I closed my eyes and rested my mind  –   from that moment on I was free from the habit. It was that simple! For me at the time it was like magic! I left my cigarettes by the phone in my house in case I needed them. One month later I noticed the cigarettes sitting by the phone and I happily reflected back on the past month without cigarettes, without craving cigarettes, without needing cigarettes in the slightest. I took up swimming laps at the local swimming pool a few times a week and it was such a wonderful sensation to breathe deeply and to use my lungs, breathing so much that I could actually feel  my physical body getting stronger with every lap. That was over twenty-five years ago and I am so grateful for the help that I received to achieve this outcome. Now every day I am grateful for being a non-smoker.

As a Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach at Perth Hypnotherapist –  I now know that a habit is a learned behavioural response to a particular situation that gets repeated. Once you practice something so that it becomes automatic your subconscious/unconscious mind takes that habit over and runs it for you. The great thing to know is that you can choose to change your mind and your unconscious mind can instead, will run a new habit of enjoying becoming healthy.

20 minutes after your last cigarette, heart rate returns to normal, blood pressure starts to drop back to normal.
8 hours from your last cigarette, oxygen in your blood begins to increase and you begin to feel energy increase.
24 hours from your last cigarette, your chances for a heart attack decrease.
48 hours from your last cigarette, your lungs have started to repair, your taste and smell begin to return and nerve endings start to grow back.
72 hours from your last cigarette, lung capacity is increasing and breathing is becoming easier.
96 hours from your last cigarette, the nicotine is nearly all gone from your system.
365 days from your last cigarette, the risk of having a heart attack decreases significantly.

Many clients have success with just one session. Other clients require a  2nd or 3rd session to clear underlying triggers and to stop completely. You can book the first of your 2-4 Hypnosis sessions for quitting smoking with perth hypnotherapist: call 0403 173 790