Welcome to  Rainbow of Desire Theatre group.
Here is some more general information for everyone:
The next workshop is taking place at Classical Dance Studio….6/42 Ladner Street, O’Connor WA 6163. Friday 15th September…..12pm – 2pm…… $10
I’m facilitating this  playful and experiential two-hour workshop, using theatre games practices, narrative and expressive arts  to explore social and personal issues.
The theme of the workshop is …connection and disconnection  and the concept is around being a change agent and re-authoring the stories that we have about ourselves and our world.
All are welcome and no previous experience is required to participate! It’s intended that all will gain some skills from our gathering.
Some information about Rainbow of Desire:
Rainbow of Desire is the over-arching name given by Augusto Boal to a range of exercises, games and techniques on using the power of theatre to identify, analyse and respond to “internalised oppression” and to seek to understand its origins.  Rainbow of Desires is identifying and clarifying our desires through the use of images.
Theatre of the Oppressed, the name of Boal’s system, is a homage to educator
Paolo Freire (1988) who inPedagogy of the Oppressedforegrounds the movement of seem-ingly powerless people from being acted upon, and thus objects, to initiating action, and thus becoming subjects of their own lives. Freire referred to this process as(consciencization) whereby poor and exploited people learn to conduct their own analysis of their social, political, and economic reality, “to enter the historical process as responsibleSubjects” (Freire 1988: 20) and to take action against their oppressors. For Freire, central to this transformation is replacing the prevalent banking method of education (filling students’ heads with what experts deem important) with a dialogic approach to learning in which students and teachers are interactive partners. Boal translated this idea into a theatrical context with his concept of the spect-actor, who replaces the spectator sitting passively in the dark watching the finished production. As Freire broke the hierarchical divide between teacher and student, Boal did so between performer and audience member
I am also running a 5-day workshop in January 2018 with my friend Amit Ron. Please see attached flyer.
Photo: Denise Chan unsplash Photos