Reclaiming Trust – A Personal Journey out of Family and Domestic Violence.

“I’d like to express my gratitude from the depths of my being. I absolutely fell in love with Reclaiming Trust.
Your book is a profound gift that so effortlessly captures and expresses the polarity of our human experience.
There really are no words to describe how moved I was at all levels of my being.
Thank you for creating this gift and I honour your beautiful soul. x” Nikhil Kale.
Family & Domestic Violence is an intergenerational issue. In my opinion Family & Domestic Violence is handed down through generations,
 it’s multi layered, and happens over lifetimes: it is a pattern, a pattern repeated.
My book Reclaiming Trust – A Personal Journey out of Family and Domestic Violence helps people to find renewed trust in themselves again.
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic It was expected that FDV would cost the Australian economy $15.6 billion in 2021-22
(DCP, 2014, p. 9). During covid19 globally FDV has risen by 30%. After the bushfires disaster in 2020,
that ravaged the south east coast of Australia Domestic violence raised by 200%.
So far today, Police in Australia would have dealt with on average 690 domestic violence matters and
 a woman murdered each week by a partner. Increasingly we strengthening of laws, penalties, imprisonment and more
refuges. All of these measures focusing on the problem what we don’t want, and of course, that’s necessary.
I think we ALSO need to also focus on other aspects of Family Violence: intergenerational and personal
aspects, as well as what is actually happening in loving relationships to cause this violence.
I have a different focus. For me, Family and Domestic Violence is what happened to me when I was  a mother, in love, in my family!
I didn’t set out wanting Family & domestic violence.
Questions are powerful, I want to focus on what I want!
How can I keep myself safe?
 How can I find self-trust?
How can I have support and resolve conflict?
I am here today to talk abut myself and My book Reclaiming Trust – I am interested in  what it takes to have love in life,
love in relationships,  peaceful communication, family & community.
I would just like to tell you 2 special things about myself:
 I am a superb human being,
 I am a splendid woman. I will tell you more about those twos adjectives later.
I didn’t realise for the longest time BUT My Parents Dorothea and Ron handed Domestic violence down to me.
My parents both had difficult lives.  hungry in the depression, Catholic. 3 kids in 3 years, debt,  sickness, second child died,
 they put me in an orphanage from birth until I was 4 years old when they finally came and got me.
My parents were sick and tired and broken my father was an alcoholic, & violent and  I left home at 15.
I had 2 domestically violent relationships over 19 years and 3 children.The first one, I call in my book was Joe, we had a great friendship,
 as soon as our son was born he radically changed. It took a lot to get free from that relationship.
 A few years later I met, I fell in love with (his name in the book) Shane and we married, initially wonderful,
I had two daughters and this relationship.
Violence happened to me again, repeatedly and I had great difficulty in getting out.
I have personal lived experience with restraining orders, police assistance or not, and women’s refuge.
Each time FDV happened i would ask myself “why?”is this happening and “What if?” it happens again? Those questions were very unhelpful, they created for me a loop of terror and shock.
I wrote this book because the help I was looking for did not seem to be available.
This book is an offering about loving self first and then other. Its about self- love and trust
 as a bridge to new knowledge.
I think Lived experience is a form of wisdom. I found this writing healing.  I have changed the names
 including my own because it was helpful to take a step back and disassociate. I am not my story.
I learned things about relationships that were not true. I made decisions in my childhood that were unhelpful:
that shaped my mind and caused me to create, and re-create again
 the drama and dysfunction from my childhood into my adult journey from
traumatic experience to creativity, self-love and trust.
I wrote Reclaiming Trust – A Personal Journey out of Family and Domestic Violence. Find new ways to renew your self love and trust.
 My writing is about how I helped myself. It contains key positive questions designed to
 lead the reader to find renewed trust after experiencing trauma.
Each chapter is split into two parts. One part lived experience and one part therapeutic where I deconstruct and
 discarding decisions about my experience.  I think I have balanced my storytelling with love and humour.
I needed help, i searched a lot of places and  in the end. Instead of paying for  therapy sessions to help myself, I paid to train in therapies.
I trained in Natural Therapies for the past 30 years. I am Breath worker,Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer ,
 as well as a facilitator of asocial justice theatre practice.
Currently, I am researching my PhD here at Curtin,  titled “Reclaiming Agency through Embodied Performance:
After Intergenerational Family and Domestic Violence.”
Towards assisting other women I run Theatre Games monthly in North Fremantle the second Sunday of the month. 1-4pm.
I am offering  to partner with to work with women who have lived Domestic Violence
experience and moved out of it by  3-5 years.
Today, I am offering the Ebook for 0.99c when you purchase
 a first edition book for $25. If you like any part of the writing, I would love your support by leaving an amazon review.
The adjectives SuPerb and Splendid,
feel wonderful to describe myself.
I borrowed them from nature: the Australian blue wren. When you see the blue wren you can see she
 does not question these self loving and trusting  qualities and nor should I because it is only from a place of self love
and self trust, can loving relationship occur.
 Only when I am at peace with myself, my past, and
my environment  can I be free to respond to
 what I need to respond to in love Or NOT.

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