Relationships can be free from conflict. Transform your relationships with our conflict resolution course. As a result, bring about a peaceful outcome can be learned.  You can learn to negotiate. And engaging in negotiation sets up a positive outcome. Therefore, Conflict resolution skills are powerful.  And can be learned quickly in our Transforming Communication course.

Relationship conflict is a natural part of life.


Firstly, have functional positive aspects.

Secondly, conflicts can arise at any time or place.

Importantly, you can learn conflict resolution skills. Conflict resolution skills give win-win outcomes. One simple tip from Research expert John Gottman PhD whenever beginning to resolve a conflict: Agree to be calm:

“In one of our longitudinal research studies, we interrupted couples after fifteen minutes. We told them we needed to adjust the equipment. We asked them not to talk about their issue. We asked them just to read magazines for half an hour. Consequently, when they started talking about their issue again, their heart rates were much lower. And their interaction more positive and productive.”

What is Transforming Communication?

Transforming Communication is designed to deliver :

Firstly, powerful skills from NLP.

And secondly, conflict resolutions skills and related fields.

Therefore, out 24-hour seminar enables you to transform relationships and participants’ approach so they:

  • Build rapport quickly to gain their co-operation and trust.
  • Increase others’ ability to resolve problems and meet outcomes.
  • Get others’ to respect your needs and co-operate with you.
  • Resolve discipline and conflict problems in organisations, with clients or family members, without resorting to threats or punishments.
  • Influence others successfully while keeping rapport.

You can learn these skills. Call now to book your place in the next Transforming Communication course 0403 173 790