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Tips for better sleep patterns

Perth hypnotherapist at Creative Rite Solutions can show you how to stop anxiety around not being able to sleep and the stress that that brings and get back into control of your life and your sleeping patterns. We believe that disruption to a person’s sleep patterns can be caused by a wide range of life experiences and hypnotherapy treatment is one of the best natural safe tools to get back better sleep. Disruptions to sleep patterns can include heath issues or illness, accidents or stressful incidents, pain, side effects of medication, disruption to routine. Stress, in general  can create sleep difficulties and is most commonly a cause in some way. Research shows that once the a person’s sleep pattern has been disrupted it can take time and a number of changes to find balance and return to better sleeping practices.

It has been found that other factors that can interfere with sleeping patterns is lack of exercise and lack of exercise routine, watching TV before sleeping is stimulating and therefor not helpful to inducing sleep. Any media, computers, computer games stimulation does not allow for relaxation in the few hours prior to sleeping. Food and drink that stimulate the physical and mental state creating excitement prior to sleeping. The time and the routine that a person has in winding down from their day in order to relax and sleep and the time that a person retires to bed at may all contribute to good sleeping process.

Once the sleeping pattern has been disturbed and sleep is lost can, in itself, cause anxiety and worry about not getting enough sleep and the thought patterns of worrying about getting sleep or not can then be a factor about not getting sleep.

Perth Hypnotherapist at Creative Rite Solutions know that Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to create relaxation and allow the subconscious/unconscious mind to calm and create easy sleep patterns once more. Also hypnotherapy can be used to release anxiety and worry about sleep.

Some tips to make sleeping easier:

  • Turn your bedroom in to a sleeping environment make it    comfortable, well ventilated and the right temperature.
  • Remove TV’s, mobile phones and any other media from the room.
  •  Create an exercise routine in the day.
  • Find a meditation or hypnotherapy CD to listen to to help you relax at night.
  • Stop stimulants like coffee and alcohol.
  •  Do not eat large meals after 9pm at night
  • Stretch gently to release tension and to wind down prior to going to bed.
  • Reading a little (even for 5 minutes) relaxes the mind and eyes before sleep.

Perth Hypnotherapist at Creative Rite Solutions can show you how to go from stressed and anxious about getting a good nights sleep to finding ways to rest deeply and trust that you can do so each night as you design your new sleep suggestions that are just right for you – Call 0403 173 790