Theatre Games

Perth Hypnotherapist & Theatre Facilitator Jennipher McDonald presents monthly Theatre Games. Next meetup is Saturday 2nd May 2020 1pm – 3pm at Samson Recreation Centre, Samson WA 6163
Theatre Games, using Theatre for Living and Theatre of the Oppressed is a way for collective social action, art-making, storytelling, opening up of dialogue, and of people feeling and being in synch with each other which is a critical part of creating community, building connection and hanging out with friends.

Theatre Games is used with social issues where people feel stuck and dialogue stopped. Currently,  collectively the enemy is climate change, corporate globalisation, our own limiting and inherited, internalised beliefs which  founder of Theatre of the Oppressed Augusto Boal calls “cops in the head”  trauma and the ruptures in our personal relationships, including Family and Domestic Violence as part of the social conditions of globalisation.

We don’t exist by ourselves; we are human beings and interactive creatures.  We all need connection with others to feel well and happy. We have brains to interact with each other. Theatre Games are good for you. All mental disturbances are expressed in disconnection: a failure to synchronise with others so that we can restore health and connection.

Theatre can also be therapeutically applied with the aim of creating agency and empowerment. Bessel Van der Kolk, Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and President of the Trauma Research Foundation in Brookline, Massachusetts(2018) says, a big problem with people who have experienced trauma is that they identify the trauma as who they are. Theatre allows them to step out of the victim role and into a new identity. Its theatre and its therapeutic.

I experienced this collective social action every time I play Theatre Games. I experienced Theatre for Living in person at the Centre for Dialogue and Change in Bangalore India in 2017, where I met David Diamond at his Theatre for Living (TFL) training. The Centre had been engaged with their community creating Theatre of the Oppressed for the past ten years and were interested in TFL and opening dialogue further around Family and Domestic Violence.  During this training, Diamond told me that after working with Boal for over twenty years, where TO focused on the oppressed moving away from what they didn’t want, he felt they were just getting even more of what they didn’t want.
 The new understandings with TFL for me are the personal changes that I have felt in TFL work and the playfulness of it are through seeing and acknowledging something as it is – then the issue resolved itself. The challenge of TFL is to move beyond the individual and work with the living community. By trusting the knowledge in the room (a microcosmic representation of the whole), we trust that it is connected to the knowledge of the larger community. Or as Diamond puts it: “The room has the answers. Always.”
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