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I expressly agree and acknowledge that I have completed this personal information profile for Jennipher McDonald trading as Perth Hypnotherapist (ABN 136 591 5622) and I confirm that my answers are true and correct. I have considered my physical and mental condition and I engage in any Coaching/Hypnotherapy/Breathwork, and/or physical activity with Perth Hypnotherapist at my own risk.

I release and hold harmless Perth Hypnotherapist and any of its employees and/or agents from any liability including but not limited to any accident, injury (physical, psychological, psychiatric, or otherwise), damage, and/or loss to any person or property.

I understand that Coaching/Hypnotherapy/Breathwork is not a substitute for treatment of any physical, emotional, or psychological disorders that I may be suffering from, and I am willing to be guided through Coaching/Hypnotherapy/Breathwork if seeking any professional medical care for any disorder I may be suffering from.

Additionally, I acknowledge that I have been advised to continue any present medical treatment I am undergoing and to consult my regular medical practitioner for treatment of any new or old illnesses. I waive to the fullest extent permitted by law any rights to any causes of action that I may have now or in the future against Perth Hypnotherapist.

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