Hypnotherapy empowers you through deep relaxation that you can learn to recreate for yourself. When you learn these deep relaxation skills, relaxing your body and your mind together healing happens. And at the same time imagine the changes you want to have and imagine what you want.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP looks at how our thoughts and nervous systems are shaped by and mirrored in our language patterns. NLP is also concerned with the influence that language has on our nervous systems.


Breath work liberates your body and mind.

It is a powerful healing modality using your own breath. Breathwork is a means of healing and holds the power to deepen your ability to help you to “Know Thyself” in a deep and meaningful way.


"If you say to yourself, 'It's difficult to get up in the morning', or 'It's hard to stop smoking', then you are already using hypnotic suggestions on yourself'.
-Richard Bandler

Perth hypnotherapist specialises in helping people let go of tramas and anxious feelings. Perth Hypnotherapist can help in the treatment of many conditions where the mind or past decisions have become entangled or tied up in knots such as:

Anxious symptoms



Performance anxiety

Stress management


Unwanted habits




Weight loss

Pain management

Depression symptoms

A personal session with Perth Hypnotherapist is so powerful because each session is specifically designed by your unconscious mind. The language of your genius mind is sensory, symbolic and emotional. Because pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes are the language of your genius mind, we use that language together, and listen to what comes up and this brings clarity to your internal personal communication.

When the conscious mind (that rational, logical part of the mind) rests, and the unconscious mind, imagines what you want - and lets go of what you don't want - positive change happens.

Hypnotherapy is one of the only ways into the clever part of you. That part of the mind is responsible for running more than 95% of your behaviour. That clever mind runs your body, your heartbeat, your breathing, your pulse. It heals your skin when you cut yourself. It balances your hormones: all automatically.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are the user manual for the body, mind system.

You make changes with yourself using this wonderful tool. Hypnotherapy allow access to that powerful part of the mind. Your new desired mindsets are installed via postiive suggestions that you design for yourself. You choose the positive suggestions to reprogram the mind and change your behaviour. Therefore, there is no loss of control but a clarity and an empowerment that is a big gain in you controlling yourself.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of the structure of success with a focus on successful behaviour.

Richard Bandler – the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming says: “Psychologists look at what goes wrong with you, we look at what works. We found people who got over fears and we found out what they were doing, whether they knew it or not, and related it to how our neurology learns. Remember, it’s your own body, your own brain. You’re not a victim of the universe, you are the universe.”

~ Richard Bandler

Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows you to let go of the idea that something is wrong with you, and step into the idea that you are already working perfectly – each perceived problem has a positive intention. Personal change is not about fixing what’s broken because you already work well. Personal change in this way is beginning to understand the meaning of your emotions and internal resources and using them to bring you back to balance.

NLP is the study of successful people across many fields including Mental Health. you can use NLP to:

• Release Anxiety and Depression

• Release Phobias

• Improve Performance in business or sport

• Weight loss

• Weight gain

• Release allergies

• Spell better

• Release trauma

• Motivation

• Quit addiction

• Increase Confidence and Self Value

• Career enhancement and Goal setting

• And so much more…

Now, you can tap into you and your body of knowledge to make change in ways that inspire and reassure you. You can be your own example of personal excellence, knowing your past, as emotional intelligence, resources and as something you can draw comfort from!

Further, You can learn how to choose empowering states of mind, thoughts and feelings instead, whenever negative emotions or disempowering states are felt.

Richard Bandler says – “NLP is a natural process by which people make mental changes. We looked at the neural configuration and the language structures that are hardwired into the mind and found out about how people learn. We found out how to program a behaviour into a person just like you can program a computer. We can reliably get rid of a phobia in ten minutes. Every single time!

Another definition of NLP is: Neuro: Our nervous system, brain/mind. Linguistic: The words and language we use and our body language. Programming: Is thoughts that you have thought throughout your life from birth and beyond that make up your life experience (often unconscious because they are not in your present awareness) that lead to habits of behaviour. All of your present experience is created by your past thoughts and feelings. Using NLP techniques you can make changes without having to re-experience the past experience. Changes can be made quickly and easily.

95% of our life programming is in our unconscious/subconscious mind. hypnotherapy allows access to that programming – that’s powerful. Hypnotherapy teaches you how to relax your body and mind deeply and shows you how to turn your focus around so that you can focus on what you want!

Breath work

Liberate yourself with your breath.

Breath work enables a person to feel less stress and tension and instead experience more bliss. The physical body becomes more pleasurable to be in and often more psychic awareness is noticed.

Breath work is gentle, safe and inspirational. It is using your own breath to support your body/mind to release toxins and release past experience. It is a breathing technique that you can learn to use for yourself.

You can breathe out fear, anger, mental blocks and guilt.

Breath work liberates your family and releases family patterns inherited that can be subconsciously running your life.

You can also let go of addictions, anxiety, and depression.

Breath work liberates and is consciously connecting your breath – you inhale with you exhale in a sustained way to release stress and tension. The benefits of breathing in this way are profound because the breath is in the present and the breath brings you fully into the present, the breath is always neutral and the breath allows the release of whatever is wanting to be released. Breath work (also sometimes called Rebirthing) can liberate you from negative thoughts that can cause tension, pain, symptoms and disease. Through your breath, you have the power to liberate your mind.

Breathwork allows the clearing of:

• Birth trauma,

• Money issues,

• Relationship problems,

• Stress and health issues,

• Personal Law (lie),

• Parental Disapproval,

• Past Life Karma,

• Unconscious Death Urge,

• Physical & sexual abuse

• Religion Trauma,

• Senility,

• School Trauma,

• Repression of the Feminine/Masculine.

Each time you have a breathwork session you breathe in possibilities, and you release stress, worries and old patterns.

Consciously connected breathing is something you will want to do for life. Eventually, you can practice it on your own, by yourself.

Breathing in this way allows you to:

• Stabilise yourself to have more energy.

• Activate transcendental knowledge from the source.

• Release tension stored in the cells of the body.

• Reach higher frequencies.

“As a new yoga, breathwork/rebirthing is not a discipline. It’s an inspiration. It is not teaching a person how to breathe, it is the intuitive and gentle act of learning how to breathe from the breath itself. It is connecting the inhale with the exhale in a relaxed, intuitive rhythm until the inner breath, which is the spirit and source of breath itself, is merged with air – the outer breath.”

Founder of Breathwork – Leonard Orr

“Liberation Breathing® and Rebirthing are Sacred. Once I thought Rebirthing was a scientific process. Once I thought it was therapy just to heal my birth trauma. I did not understand it all then. But one thing for sure, I NEVER thought it was silly. I always knew it was the hottest thing on the planet. That is how I always felt about it, right from the beginning.”

Sondra Ray – Liberation Breathing

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